Beaty’s Crossroads Alabama

People of the Crossroads

Text Box: Joseph Edward Beaty arrived in DeKalb County Alabama between 1863 and 1869.  He brought with him three children.  His first son, Young Jackson Beaty, had died a year after his birth .  It is believed that Young Jackson Beaty was named after Elizabeth Roseanna’s brother, Young Jackson Shirley.   Joseph’s wife, Elizabeth Roseanna Shirley would bare him three more children before she passed away  April 2, 1862.  It is believed she and Young Jackson are buried in Habersham County, Georgia.
Some where between Habersham County Georgia and DeKalb County Alabama he met and married his second wife, Orleana.  Joseph and Orleana had a son, Joseph Edward Beaty, Jr. born August 11, 1864, somewhere in Georgia.
Joseph’s second son, William Hiram Beaty was born July 27, 1855 in Clarksville, Habersham County Georgia.  William Hiram met and married Mary Elizabeth Pinkham, August 26, 1888 in DeKalb County Alabama.  Joseph’s oldest daughter,  Sarah Beaty, born December 6, 1857 somewhere in Georgia, would met and marry Nathaniel Hamick, on August 9 1883 in DeKalb County Alabama.  Joseph’s youngest daughter, Mary A. Beaty, born March 26, 1860, would marry a Pinkham, but died soon afterward on March 6, 1892. 
Joseph Beaty, his second wife and three of his children  are buried at Smith’s Chapel, also known as Pannel Chapel in DeKalb County Alabama.
Text Box: In the picture  are William Hiram Beaty , Lena, Sarah, Flavious, Mary Elizabeth Pinkham Beaty, Cornelia and Lepatry.

Joseph Edward Beaty was the son of George Beaty and Susannah.  George, born 1775, and Susannah, born 1780, were from Virginia.  They had moved to South Carolina before 1810 and a number of their children were born there, including Joseph Edward, who was born on July 22, 1816. By 1820 they were living in Habersham County Georgia. George Beaty died between 1830 and 1840, Susannah on the other hand lived passed 80 years old.  It has been reported that Susannah’s surname before marrying was Cutts, this has not been verified.


Elizabeth Roseanna Shirley, first wife of Joseph Edward Beaty,  was born November 18, 1827 in Georgia.  She was the daughter of  Berryman and Susannah Starnes Shirley.  The Shirley family and the Beaty family were neighbors.  Joseph and Elizabeth married March 29, 1852, but their life together would be short as Elizabeth died in April 1862, only ten years after their marriage.

Beaty Land Record Deed Habersham County Georgia

Distillery Record of Habersham County Georgia 1849 and 1850