Beaty’s Crossroads Alabama

People of the Crossroads

Photograph about 1929

Robert Harrison Beaty, born June 9, 1909, died July 27, 1929. Son of William Hiram and Mary Elizabeth Pinkham Beaty.

Helen Hall, born March 12, 1909, died 1995. Daughter of Elder Thomas Sanford and Betuliah Queen Lambert Hall.

Elder Thomas Sanford Hall was not only a Primitive Baptist preacher, but a bee keeper as well.  In 1900 Census Elder Hall and family are living in Chatham County Georgia, listed as a bee farmer.  According to the family he raised queen bees and shipped them all over the country.  Elder Hall was born February 28, 1850 in Gordon County Georgia and died January 10, 1924.  He married Betuliah Queen Lambert  in 1898 in Pickens County Georgia.  She was born April 10, 1871 at Talking Rock, Georgia and died May 11, 1944 at the Crossroads.  She was the daughter  of Joseph  and Keziah Melinda Jones Lambert. The Hall family lived next door to the Beaty’s.

Joseph Lambert and family may be found in Pickens County Georgia.


Alvin “C.” Scott, is William A. Scott on the DeKalb County Census.  Believe the “C” is a miss print.  Alvin Scott was born January  22, 1888 and died July 14, 1921.  He married Georgie Edna Smith, she was born September 27, 1889 and died September 22, 1927.  After Alvin and Edna passed away, Alvin’s mother, Nancy Parlee Steel Scott raised their children.  Alvin’s father was John William Thomas Scott.


Laura Beaty Moore was born May 22, 1889, the daughter of Samuel J. and Martha Jones Beaty.  She married Simon F. Moore on December 22, 1912. Laura died August 31, 1967.

Elder John William Thomas  Scott born 1862, died 1927

Nancy Paralee Steele Scott born 1858, died 1939

Betulia Queen Lambert Hall

May 23, 1942 Meeting at Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church, near the Crossroads some of those pictured are:

K. Lanier Hall, Iris Palmer, Fay Young, Sarah Smith, Lois Your, Willodean Chapman, Billy Stone, Van Stone, Shelva Jean Gann, Doyle Kilgore, Ivonene Boydston, Bobbie Ott, John Stallings, John Chapman, Elder Joseph E. Stewart, Sarah Pritchett, Elder O. L. Reily, Elder W. A. Pinkstaff, Maxine York, Vinnie Blevins, Laura Kilgore, Joyce Hall, Mae York, Fay Hall, Rebecca Hall, Doris Little, Nova Little, Betuliah Queen Hall, Kathleen Little,Elmina (Little) York, Muriel Beaty, Bessie Phillips, James Kilgore, E. L. Blevins, Sr., Am. M. (Hub) O’Dell, Lottie Young, Will York, E. R. Stallings, John Kilgore, Hercial Boydston, Mamie York, Lelia Smith, Ova Lee Chadwick, Maxine Little, Vera Boydston, Girtha Lee Boydston, Cola Mae Kilgore, Pearl Beaty, Edith Gann, Mary Ellen Gann, Boyd Ott, Tola Ott, Robert Chapman, Arminda Boydston