Beaty’s Crossroads Alabama

People of the Crossroads

Photograph about 1945 Grandma Mary Elizabeth Pinkham Beaty and Selba Khomer Beaty, Sr.

Selba Khomer Beaty, Sr. was the son of Flavious Cullokee and Pearl Dawn Hall Beaty.  He was born on August 14, 1927 at the Crossroads.  He was a military man and a preacher.  Selba Khomer Beaty, Sr. spent about twenty years in the Navy and Naval Reserve, then went to the Army to fly helicopters in Viet Nam.  He was also an avid private pilot and organized flying clubs at most of his state side duty stations.  During his reserve time, in 1950 he was ordained a Primitive Baptist Minister.  With a wife and three children to support, and the escalation on the Asian shores, he returned to active Navy by the late 1950’s.  His Ministry spanned fifty years, coming to a close when he pass away July 2000. Elder S. Khomer Beaty, Sr. had been blessed to preach all over the world and delighted in expounding on the “Good News” gospel.

170th Assault Helicopter Company