History and Genealogy†

Above:† Winston Spring runs through Valley Head City Park, to become part of Big Wills Creek after a winding journey† around wooded hills and green pastures.


They lived and died in a wilderness south of Canaan. The Cherokee, the white settlers, the farmers, the miners, the soldiers, the wives, the mothers, they were my ancestors, and perhaps your ancestors too.† Walk through the history of this little town, listen to the stories, imagine their day.†† Looking at an old map of† Cherokee Towns and Villages, it appears Valley Head is in the same area that was called Teloga, northeast of Wills Town.† Today very little is know about the first inhabitants.† Excavations at a place called Dead Man ís Curve, about five miles south west of Valley Head on US Highway 11,† yielded skeletal remains believed to date between 7,000 B.C. and 700 A.D.† Water being necessary for sustaining life it is possible that one or more of those individuals buried at Dead Manís Curve passed through Valley Head following the water trail, today known as Wills Creek.†† At one time, long ago Valley Head was home to a small village of Native Americans.†† Once upon a time a large oak tree stood on the grounds that came to be know as the Winston Place.†† Under this tree the Native Americans would hold council meetings.† As the Europeans began to explore this area, the Native Americans were crowded out, then finally forcibly removed.† The migration into the valley started in the late 1700ís. By the 1830ís the white population was substantial.† Farms and churches soon dotted the landscape.

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