Valley Head, Alabama was established in 1922.
Once upon a time the Native Americans called this little village home.
Do you have an ancestor who was part of the Valley Head, Alabama history?
If you do send us your stories, tell us about your folks.
Pinkham's Bowie Co Texas
Simmons Marion Co Oregon
Weaver Ice House Carter Co Oklahoma
Bunnell - Todd Barry Co Michigan
Lewis Girl Marion Co Tennessee
Beaty's Crossroads DeKalb Co Alabama

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Family Gatherings

The Alfred C. Ellis Reunion 1896
    Submitted by A.C. Ellis,
    great grandson of Alfred and Margaret Painter Ellis
    Seated from L/R: Carl Ellis with Minnie, Mary Cordell Ellis
    with Ora, Julia Ellis, Margaret Evaline Painter Ellis,
    Alcy Ellis and Anne Ellis.
    Standing L/R: Jason Ellis, Dessie Ellis,
    unidentified lady, Alfred Bud Ellis, unidentified gentleman,
    Mary Ellis, and Margaret Ellis.
    Do you know who the Unidentified Lady and Gentleman are?
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Stateline School
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