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Davenportchapel                            oldbaptistchurchsiteBuddy Burnett points out the orginal site of the Valley Head Baptist Church formed 1845 at Dean Road at the top of the hill.


Lookout Chapel


The Humble, Hawkins and Blansit Family Reunion, taken at Lookout Chapel Church. The following was on the back of the photograph: TOP ROW 1. Ukn Hawking 2. unknown 3. Clinton Humble 4. Chelcia Edna Humble 5. Lee Hawkins. SECOND ROW FROM TOP 1, Unknown 2. Bonnie Humble Hicks 3. Unk Hawkins 4. saphorina Smith Humble 5. David Marion Humble 6. Alma Humble McSpadden 7. Unknow 8. Aura Mae Huimble Bauerle 9. Eulalah Humble Smyth 10. Oscar Blansit 11. Della 12. Saphorina Ellis Hicks Humble 13. Margaret Humble McSpadden. THIRD ROW FROM TOP 1. Unknown 2. Unknown 3. Opal Phillips Tatum 4. Malindia Humble Phillips 5. Unknown 6. Tip Hawkins 7. Unknown 8. America Humble Hawkins 9. Leeanna Blansit Lowery Humble 10. Unknown 11. Nancy A. Lowery Blansit 12. John Perry Humble. BOTTOP ROW 1. Unknow 2. Kate Blansit Blevins Dean 3. Nell Blansit Chadwick 4. Unknow 5. Vernon Humble Templeton Geeter 6. Stella Hawkins 7. Abbie Jane "Bill" Humble Jones 8. Gertrude Humble Tatum 9. Bertha Green Blanset 10. Unknown Humble 11. Kernie Wright.

History Lookout Chapel Methodist Church On September 30, 1869, James Painter and Susan Painter one part and Alexander Painter, Adam Lowery, James Lowery, David Dean and James L. Gardner Trustees in Trust gave 1 acre of ground for a Church and graveyard. The Trustees of free public schools and citizens of the neighborhood were to have the right to use the church building for school purposes so long as it did not interfere with church privileges. The graveyard was to be free for all who wished to be buried there. Reverend James A. Neely was pastor from April 1873, until October 11, 1889, and 26 new members were added to the membership by baptism. Mr. Edger Ellis later to be instrumental in forming St. Paul Methodist in Fort Payne was received by baptism on October 11, 1889. Mrs. Mary E. Ellis, wife of Edger Ellis was received by profession of faith on October 25, 1891 by Reverend John W. Norton. Mr. James Oscar Crow and wife, another prominent couple were received into the church on August 13, 1893 by Pastor Reverend Rufus Nicholson. The Church was a two story building with school being conducted on the second floor. The Odd Fellows also held meetings on the 2nd floor. Pastor Reverend Will Eldod served as both pastor and school teacher at one time. The Church was also served at one time by Joe Wheeler Cook. In 1962 members, friends and neighbors joined together in remodeling the old structure. The second story was removed and a new roof put on. New siding was added, new windows, floors, doors and a pulpit were also included in the remodeling. The Church membership has been smaller since 1939 but there are still services at the Church on the second and fourth Sundays. The current membership and friends are faithful and many wonderful spiritual services are still held in the Church. The Church has been served the last seven years by James Russell of Fort Payne. This history and register was from Sarah Painter Moon’s papers in the possession of Vincent Denardi. Picture and information contributed by Ronnie Warren.

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