Text Box: Emma Vandalia Bunnell

TODD of Michigan with Alabama Connections

Samuel Warren Todd married Emma Vandalia Bunnell on September 15, 1865.

                 This picture was taken about 1910:  Samuel, Emma, Edna, and Alanson.

Emma Vandalia Bunnell was the oldest daughter of Nathaniel P. Bunnell and Lois R. McKay.  She was born in Hope Township, Barry County, Michigan on June 22, 1849.   By 1857 her mother had passed away and her father moved back to Barry County with the four children to farm.  This was short lived as the war between the states gained in intensity, and her father was compelled to join the fight.  Leaving the children with relatives, Nathaniel “Pully” Bunnell went to war.


After the war, Emma’s father, Pully Bunnell moved to DeKalb County Alabama where he remarried.  Nathaniel Pully Bunnell married Jemima Elizabeth Lewis, and they had seven children.  Pulley, Jemima and the children would visit the Bunnell children of Michigan about once a year.   Their oldest son, Benjamin P. Bunnell moved to Michigan about 1900 where he married Edith M. Grilley, they had two sons,  Vern and Bert.

Edna Todd, born 1895, daughter of Samuel and Emma Todd, 16 years 5 months.

Doris Miller 2 years, 10 months.

Belva Miller 10 months.

Picture taken about 1911.

Frank Todd, born 1882,

Son of  Samuel and Emma Todd, with daughter Marion.


June 23, 1912

Frank Todd Children

Mildred Emma     1908

Marion Rebecca   1910

Floyd Myron         1911

June 23, 1912

It is thought that the ladies pictured are the oldest daughters of  Samuel and Emma Bunnell Todd, and that the

Picture was taken around 1900.

Isabella      1871

Marion       1876

Lois            1878

Elsie           1883


Vern Bunnell, born 1901.