History and Genealoghy of Valley Head, AL

Simmons Family Bible

John Simmons (1775-1840) married

Abigail Starbuck (1780-1856)

on August 26, 1797 in North Carolina.

They had thirteen children, one of which, Samuel Simmons (1802-   ) went to Oregon.


Simmons goes to Oregon

Wagon Train Land Transaction, Salem, Oregon

Transcribed from Archives Division, Washington, D.C.


Simmons, Samuel and Amy                     William Simmons    SW 2.26          1855

Simmons, Asa B. and Sarah                     Davis Shannon                          3- 4-1857

Simmons, William                                     Samuel Simmons                      2-26-1858

Simmons, Asa B. and Sarah                     Samuel Simmons                      9-24-1858

Simmons, Samuel and Amy                     Asa B. Simmons                       9-24-1858

Simmons, Jona and M.J.                           Wallace White                          8-13-1861

Simmons, John and Emily                        Emily Lassiter                           3-13-1862

Simmons, John and Emily                        Antones Fuctado                       3-13-1862

Simmons, Samuel and Asa                       Danl M. Simmons                     3-11-1863

Simmons, David, M and L                        George F. McConkles              3-24-1863

Simmons, Samuel and Amy                     Wml Russell                              3-21-1863

Simmons, William S. and TA                   John W. Simmons                     3-30-1863

Simmons, Andrew B. and Sarah              Matthias Swingle                      4-22-1863

Simmons, John H. and M.J.                      William S. Moode                   12-25-1863

Simmons, Samuel and Amy                     Wm Sappingfield                    11-22-1864

Simmons, Samuel and Amy                     Wm Sappingfield                   11-22-1864


About 1822 John Simmons and his wife, Abigail, moved form North Carolina to Indiana.  Their son Samuel  married Amy Bunch in Wayne County, Indiana, on January 19, 1821, and by 1834 they were making way to Oregon.   Samuel and Amy had the following children:


William         (1823-        )

Asa B.              (1824-1897)  married  1851 to      Sarah          (1829-1886)

John                 (1831

Daniel              (1834

Silvester         (1839