From Alabama to texas

Family and Friends of Bowie County Texas

About 1935

William Jonathan Pinkham home place with wife Mollie, daughter Pearl and grand children, Gerald Pinkham and Glady Lewis.


Before  1900 three Pinkham brothers and assorted cousins made their way form Sand Mountain in northeast Alabama to the west.   The oldest brother, William Jonathan Pinkham first went to Oklahoma, but soon turned south to settle in Bowie County, Texas.  Then George Ensign and Arthur Mathew Pinkham followed.  Their sister Mary Elizabeth Pinkham married William Hiram Beaty, of Beatys Crossroads and remained on the mountain in Alabama.  Their father, Matthew Coffin Pinkham (1843-1880) was from New York and had served in the Union Army.  In the south he met and married Cansada Lewis (1847-1897), whos father also served in the Union Army.

The trip from east to west was not without tears.  About 1897  enroute to the Oklahoma Indian Territory, William J. and Mary Hughes Pinkham lost their baby girl, and third daughter, Eula Fern Pinkham.  The folks in the area close by came to their aid and helped bury their daughter.

All three brothers were farmers.  George was also a preacher,  while Arthur was a preacher and teacher.



A Day Of Rejoicing

William Jonathan Pinkham                 Arthur Mathew Pinkham            George Ensign Pinkham

           (1866-1951)                                   (1878-1959)                            (1868-1945)

Matthew Coffin Pinkham


Uncle Arthur          (Arthur M. Pinkham)

Patsy                        (Patrica Beaty, daughter of Flavious and Pearl Hall Beaty)

Grandma                 (Mary Elizabeth Pinkham Beaty, wife of William Hirman Beaty)

Nola Dene

Daddy                      (Flavious C. Beaty, son of William H. and Mary Pinkham Beaty)

Vassie                      (Vassie Turner daughter of George and Cornelia Beaty Turner)

Mother                    (Pearl Dawn Hall Beaty, wife of Flavious C. Beaty)

Aunt Cornelia         (Cornelia Beaty Turner, daughter of William H. and Mary Pinkham Beaty, wife of George E. Turner)

Uncle George          (George E. Turner, 1900-1980, lived for a time in Bowie County, Texas.)

Sarah Ruth             (Sarah Ruth Beaty, daughter of Joseph Matthew and  Avis Keith Beaty, granddaughter of William H. and Mary E. Pinkham Beaty)

Opal                         (Opal Pinkham, granddaughter of George E. and Lenora Graham Pinkham)


Avis                          (Avis Keith Beaty, wife of Joseph M. Beaty)

Donald                     (Donald Beaty, son of  Joseph M. and Avis Keith Beaty)