What’s Your Story?

My story began in 1951. Born at home in a small four room house on Alabama highway 137. Mom said all the floors were dirt except one. Which one? No clue. In 1987 I began looking into my family history and thought how neat a web page would be to share the life of Not so Famous people. You know the ones. The people who hold this Great Nation together, they are the connective tissue making the Great Experiment work. I thought I would find a few unknown relatives and make a short work of my research. Wrong. I found very distant relatives with stories dating back to the 1500’s. Some more recent connections I am still trying to track down. For example, my grandfather, Luther O’Neal Ellis who was adopted by William Ellis and Sarah Margaret Blevins, of Valley Head, Alabama. I know his biological mother was Paralee E. Willis (1865-1936) and he had a sister, Evergreen (1881/89-1966) who married Bejamin F. York. Evergreen was adopted by Harrison Gatlin and Sarah Lewis. So the mystery is who was the biological father? Upon learning of this mystery I didn’t think much of it, until I decided to take one of those DNA test to learn about my family and health. Then the biology became very important.

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