On the 17th day of June 1867, Charles Carden Alexander and Rosa Evalin Winston were married in Dade County, Georgia.  There would be seven children born to this union.

Charles C. Alexander was born in 1843 in Tennessee.  He was a dry goods merchant in the small town of Valley Head.  He was the son of  William M. and Lovie Josephine Carden Alexander, from Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Rosa Evalins Winston was the daughter of  William Overton and Maria Louise Beene Winston.  She was born 1847 in Valley Head.

Charles and Rosa had the following children:

David Charles, Sr.              1868

Judith                                    1871

Margaret Overton              1871

Theodore Watson               1873

Robert Burns                        1875

Lucy Paine                             1879

Addelaide Louise                1881

David C. Alexander married Lotta Annette Brown on July 2, 1898 in Randolph County, Indiana.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Isabelle C. Simmons Brown.  He was traveling salesman, specializing in men’s shirts.

Judith Alexander married Charles M. Mallory on May 9, 1906 in DeKalb County, Alabama, and soon thereafter moved to Hamilton County, Tennessee.

Theodore Watson Alexander married Myrtle Huron in 1900.  He was Valley Head’s local representative for the Chattanooga Times,  the Knoxville Journal and Tribune, as well as, publishing  a weekly paper called Valley Head News and  proprietor  of the local grocery store.

Rosa Evaline Winston Alexander
holding son David Charles Alexander, Sr.
(Mar 28, 1868-Mar 14, 1932)

Lotta A. Brown Alexander (1873-1950)

Bonny Oaks built by David C. Alexander

Transcribed from back of picture:
Property of Brownie A. Tuttle (1906 or 1907)
The Yellow Dog Railroad
Built on the Alexander property at Valley Head, by D.C. Alexander, Sr. (1868-1932) The railroad was built entirely by Mr. Alexander. The rails were of wood and turned out on a lathe. The wheels were also turned out on the same lathe. The string of cars was pulled by a gasoline motor. People came from all over the country to see and ride on the train.
Pictured are Mr. Alexander, his wife, Lotta B. Alexander and two children, Brownie (Mrs. E. M. Tuttle) and Constance (Mrs. J. R. Osterland).