Dean Family Tree

Dean Family Tree
Looking for any information on Thomas and Lucretia Dean. They are buried in (Old) Valley Head Cemetary. Looking for any information. It is my knowledge that Valley Head that many Dean relatives lived in this town or surrounding areas. Also believed to be a family homestead with others buried at the homestead. Any Historians???

Re: Dean Family Tree
Tamara, this is what I have so far: The following web site shows:Dean Road: I think this is the place you are looking for. Dean Road is to the east of what is called today the Old Valley Head Cemetery. This cemetery, where Thomas and Lucretia Dean are buried, was abandoned some time ago. The present Valley Head Cemetery was established sometime between 1900 and 1937. It appears the Dean home place was at the end of Dean Road just north of the Old Valley Head Cemetery. In the History of DeKalb County Schools it states: A very old cemetery, serving both black and whites, occupies a part of this same area. The building itself served as a Baptist Church until 1920 when the local congregation built a beautiful brick structure in another area of the town.
This building may be, and I believe it is, the same as the Mt. Zion Baptist Church constituted in 1845. In December 6, 1921, the DeKalb County Herald printed a brief history of this church, written by C. Y. Culberson: Early worship service were held in a frame building that was also used for the school on the hill across from the present city park.
There is no building there today, only a few marked graves and many, many unmarked graves. I did not find a land paten for Thomas, William Marsh, or Berry Payne Dean at the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) web site: However there may be documents at the DeKalb County Court House reference the Dean homestead. Also the DeKalb Co Genealogy Socity may be able to help: Thomas Dean, Dade Co AL Census 1850 pg 25a DeKalb Co AL Census 1860 pg 22 DeKalb Co AL Census 1870 pg 863b & 864a DeKalb Co AL Census 1880 pg 542b. William Marsh Dean, Have not found Wm and Margaret Dean in a 1860 census, yet. He and Margaret may hav been in TN. Unconfirmed source has Wm serving in the Union Army as a blacksmith. DeKalb Co AL Census 1870 pg 874a (Rawlingsville, community south of Valley Head, north of Ft Payne, today is part of Ft Payne. Can be found at called Rawlingsville, historical). DeKabl Co AL Census 1880 pg 555a DeKalb Co AL Census 1900 pg 69 (Now part of Ft Payne, since Wm Marsh died in 1901, this may be homestead you are looking for, I have not been there yet, but am planning a road trip.) DeKalb Co AL Census 1910 pg 169a (Marguiie spelling on census, living next door to Nick S. Dean) DeKalb Co AL Census 1920 pg 47a (Margaret living with son N. S. Dean). Berry Payne Dean, DeKalb Co AL Census 1900 pg 63. DeKabl Co AL Census 1910 pg 170a. DeKalb Co AL Census 1920 pg 46a 46b. (Ft Payne, looks like Spring Street). DeKalb Co AL Census 1930 pg 235b. (Ft Payne, southwest, Washington St.) I hope to have a better location on Wm and Margaret’s burial place, soon. More to come.