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Byrd and Biddle families @ Valley Head
believe i found the cemetery in this search for some family members. I Remember my GGGGgrandmother lived across the street in Rossville Ga an talked of Valley Head when i was a child. Here name Sarah Elizabeth Byrd and things about the Biddle’s she lived into her 90s. The home i grew up in in Rossville / Fairview GA. was told to me by grandfather they all moved in to that area and brought the lumber from Valley Head. Currently live in Nashville Tn. My name Marty Gilbert i can be reached at or I was told that there is a yearly family reunion in valley head for the Biddle’s anyone know about this?
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Have not seen an announcement for Biddle Family reunion yet. I will keep an eye out for the information. Here is the web site for the Ft Payne news paper. The is also the DeKalb Advertiser and Groundhog(Mentone) papers.
I did not find any Biddles list in the Valley Head phone book, but will look at others in the area.

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Thanks for the info. My Aunt said there was a book written about the Biddle’s are you aware of that? or any homes owned by the Biddles or Byrds there in Valley Head. There is a group of folks who meet here in Nashville called the Kab holler. According to one of the members their families all moved here from De Kalb county and moved here to work for the Werthans in several factories here in Nashville.

Whitehall Cemetery
Can anyone from the area confirm a grave for me? Eli H.and Elizabeth Coleman Byrd. Have only found two survey lists for Whitehall so far. One has them listed, the other dose not. Or can anyone suggest ways I can find more records for Whitehall?

Re: Whitehall Cemetery
I am sending you a picture of the headstone. You should have it soon. May I help you with anything else?VB
Re: Byrd and Biddle families @ Valley Head I have not seen the book but will be on the look out for it. I would really like to have the story/web link for the Kab Holler/factories to post on the site. Thanks, VB

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I will get more info on the kab holler meeting and info on the goop and post what i learn here. thanks