John H Wright – Civil War Soldier grave WrightWhitmire
Hello everyone, I am looking for my g-g-grandfather’s grave in Dekalb County. His name was John Henry Wright, born around 1839-40. He served in the Alabama 12th infantry regiment. Also, if anyone has information about the John M. Whitmire family, I would love to hear from you. John M. Whitmire was born around 1840 and served in the Ala. 19th Infantry regiment. He was from Cherokee County originally but owned land after the war in Dekalb County. His old home place was over near Hammondville but I can’t find the site. I have photos of two of his homes; a dog trot cabin and a white house built later, probably aroundn 1920.
Glenda Patton.

Re: John H Wright – Civil War Soldier grave VB
Glenda, I have tried looking for information on John Henry Wright some time ago. He is a real mystery. I have tried to find him on the census after 1850 and could not. I really would like to know who his wife and children were. .Also I am collecting old pictures of homes around Valley Head for a web page. If you would like to share you could send them to: vhfamilyhistory@gmail.com, maybe someone in the area would recognize the home place. I would also be interested in the spouse and children of John M. Whitmire. I have look for the grave of John H. Wright but didn’t find it, he may have been buried on the family farm as so many of the folks around here were in those days. Look forward to hearing from you,VB