Contributed July 2007
Here is a contribution of my end of the Mullen?xes consisting of rumors, hearsay, copying, memory and even a little real genealogical digging! I’ve been using FTW for years and I think that today, I have finally discovered how to spread the info around with having to retype it with 2 fingers every time! At 73, I’m interested in way too many things to be much good at any of them…! My Grandparents, raised me on their 2 mule farm in Mcurtain County, OK.
Roy E. Sharp (Yup; the Arkansas Sharps, but I’ve lived in Torrance, CA for over 50 years.
Thomas Lewis Mullenix (1820- ) SC
One family tradition says decended from Jean Molyneaux? Mullenix who got to USA by being crimped or shanghied to serve as crew on a ship and ended up in Penn. “From NC to Tennesee to Alabama to Hope, Arkansas to Mineral Wells area of TX, To Beaver Co. in OK panhandle then back to Ark. and on to Garvin, OK” “Family from Calais…French burned records”
William Rufus Mullenix (1841-1913) GA
married Margarett Evitt Carson June 16, 1865 in DeKalb Co. AL
From T288 General Index Pension Files of Civil War 1861-1934: Mullinix, Rufus M. 3-23-15 Widow; Margaret M. E48 Ky Inf G17 Ky Cav Date filed;1904 Jul 11 Class;Invalid Applic #1320.612 Certif #1096617Indiana 1913 Jun 1 Widow #1010.091Oklahoma Attourney; J.H.Hunter(n?) Remarks; C2505669 At least in this instance; Mullinix instead of Mullenix like son Rutherford Hayes M. I believe this record is in error; in family bible gift to R. H. Mullenix from his mother M.E.M., she spelled the name twice with an “e”.
We have a photo of Rufus in Rebel uniform that is inscribed on back; ” Rufus M. Mullenix presented to Margaret Carson Jun 16, 1865″
Rutherford Hayes Mullenix (1877-1964)
Born in “Polecat Hollow”, later called Valley Head, DeKalb Cty., AL
From obit notice written by wife Dovey Ellen; “…came to Texas when small with his family. Came to Indian Territory 1896….came to vicinity of Garvin (OK) 1934. Was member of Church of Christ since 1907”