Any info on the MAYNARD Family from VH? arnichols
My grandmother was Frances Hazel Maynard who married Aaron Granville Goss, my mom was Wanda Goss. I was wondering if anyone had any info on the Maynards. My great great grandfather’s name was Joe M Maynard. My granny’s mom was Liller Simpson. I also have a cousin (I believe) named Doris Maynard. I have found some of my granny’s old pictures that have names on the back of Troxtel and Clark. But I do not know if these we just family friends or kin. Thank you for any info. I do not know much at all about my mom’s side of the family. Angela
Re: Any info on the MAYNARD Family from VH?
Angela, if you can give me a little more information on Joe Maynard and family I will try to find him. Do you know where they might be buried? I did find a Joe Manyard living in Sulphur Springs: Name: Joe Manyard Home in 1930: Sulphur Springs, De Kalb, Alabama Age: 63 Estimated birth year: abt 1867 Birthplace: Alabama Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse’s name: Minnie Race: White Household Members: Name Age Joe Manyard 63 Minnie Manyard 45 Gibb Manyard 20 Margaret Manyard 11 Year: 1930; Census Place: Sulphur Springs, De Kalb, Alabama; Roll: 12; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 17; Image: 546.0. Is this your Joe? Were they in the DeKalb Co AL area, or some where else? On the census there are Clarks living next door to Manyard. I also know there are Troxtel in this area. Also, if you e-mail me your pictures I can post them on the web site and maybe someone can give us more information.
Re: Any info on the MAYNARD Family from VH? arnichols
Yes I believe these may be my people. There was one photo I found of a Gibb Maynard that looked to be around the same age as my granny’s father. Thank you so very much. Angela
Great Great Grandmother was 1/2 Native American arnichols
My Great Great Grandmother on my mother’s side was 1/2 Native American. My Grandpa told me that she was a Fowler but he was not for sure. She was married to Marion Isaac Elrod and their daughter Lulie was born in 1889. I was wondering if anyone had any luck finding out info on their Native American kinfolks. Thanks.

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Angela, I will see what I can find on your gg ma. Native American information is difficult to find sometimes. Here a couple of sites that might help you. There are others, but I will have to track them down. It would really be neat to have a Native American DNA project for DeKalb Co AL. I suspect there are more Native Americans in north Alabama than people realize. VB

Ervin Shadwrick arnichols I have found pictures of my granny Frances Maynard Goss with an Ervin Shadwrick. I have also seen 2 pictures of young Frances with a Grandma Shadwrick. Ervin appears to be about 10 years or so older than Frances. There is also one picture of Ervin and Richard playing guitars with their hats on the end of the guitar neck. Can anyone tell me who Ervin Shadwrick may be or how he could possilbly be related to Frances Maynard? Thanks.