Hartline Family

I am a Hartline and have lived in Valley Head, Alabama for 3 years now. My Grandfather Jasper Waymon Hartline used to live in the Ider area. He was married to Bertha Ozell and had 4 kids. My name is Jasper Hartline, Benny Hartline’s son. The Valley Head Area is a nice little community.
Jasper “Jack” Waymon Hartline had 4 kids Eddie, Benny, Patricia, Flotilla. Flotillas kids: Unknown at this time. Patricias kids: Chris “Bubba” Holcomb, Christy “Lulu” Holcomb.Eddies kids: Edwin Hartline, Edi Hartline, Benny’s kids: Lisa Hartline, Jasper O. Hartline.

Oldest known ancestor of Jasper O. Hartline:
Nikolaus Herdlein 1663-1732, Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany. 8th great grandfather.