Anyone have any info on GOSS family? arnichols
I was wondering if anyone could share any info with me about the Goss family of the Fischer/Mentone area. My grandfather is Granville Goss and his parents were Alfred Pinkney (AP) Goss and Lulie Elrod Goss. Thanks so much!
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Angela, AP Goss is on the 1900 Census for DeKalb Co AL, Pine Grove, pg 124a. Father: Calvin Goss age 42, born GA, Dec 1857 Mother: Mary M. Goss age 42, born GA, Jun 1857 Alfred P., son, age 11, born AL, May 1889 Judge C., son, age 6, born AL, Apr 1894 DeKalb Co AL Marriage Index 1836-1916: Goss, Alfred Pickney to Elrod, Lula Aug 4 1907, pg 161. Marriage index also shows: Colemas Judge Goss married to Nannie Smith Aug 23 1914 Then, 1910 Census for DeKalb Co AL, Pine Grove, Alfrerd age 21 Catorla age 23 John A. age 1 3/12 Still looking for 1920 1930 DeKalb Co AL Census, New Organ pg 268a. Afford P age 42 Lullie age 43 Milende L. age 17 AL Murry A. age 15 AL Sherma C. age 12 AL Henry P. age 8 AL Aaron age 3 8/12 There is a Z. Calvin Goss age 22 and M. Anna Goss, age 22 in the Cherokee Co GA Census 1880, Mullins community. This could be the parents of Alfred. It appears that Calvin’s father may be Sherman Goss, 76 who is living next door. These are the Goss’s buried at Little River Cemetery: Goss, A Pinkney 08-May-1889 05-Jun-1953 Lulie Goss Goss, Corintha 17-May-1930 29-Apr-1949 Goss, Dewey Donald 14-Feb-1942 02-Mar-1942 Goss, H P Goss, Huey Ronald 14-Feb-1942 07-Mar-1942 Goss, J A ??-1908 ??-1946 Goss, J A ??-1908 ??-1916 Goss, Lulie 21-Jan-1889 A Pinkney Goss The 1917 draft registration describes Alfred P. Goss as tall, stout, brown eyes, and black hair.
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Oh, thank you very much! I will be sure to save this info somewhere. Anyone else feel free to comment! Angela
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I forgot to put this in the last post. My grandpa’s name is Aaron Granville Goss; I see that in one census he was 3 1/2. Thanks!