LEWIS, Jonathan

Jonathan Lewis, 1814-1891
Jonathan Lewis was born in Wayne County, Kentucky. His parentage is a matter of debate among his many descendants. Jonathan first appears in DeKalb County, Alabama in the 1840 census. He has a wife and two daughters, under the age of five years. He married Nancy Steele, also from Wayne County, Kentucky, in Marion County, Tennessee in 1837. Nancy’s parents were Isaac Steele and Elizabeth Smith. Researching the census and local history, evidence of a significant migration from the Kentucky mining region to the mountains and valleys of Alabama begins to emerge. In September of 1852, Jonathan Lewis was issued 80 acres of land in DeKalb County, Alabama for his participation in the Second Seminole Wars (1835-1842), serving as Privet in Captain Armstrong’s Company of Alabama Volunteers. The 80 acres was then “duly assigned” to Henry Blevins. During the War Between the States Jonathan Lewis was a Sergeant serving in the 1ST Alabama and Tennessee Vidette Cavalry, United States Army.
Between 1838 and 1862, Nancy Steele Lewis, would give birth to 9 daughters and one son. All but the first was born in DeKalb County, Alabama:
Mary J., born 1838 in Tennessee, married unknown, died unknown
Sarah, born 1840 in Alabama, married Harrison Gatlin. Sarah died 1912 in Alabama, Harrison died 1915 in Alabama.
Jemima Elizabeth, born 1844 in Alabama, married 1st Nathaniel P. Bunnell, 2nd Guilliam Oyler. Jemina died 1909 in Alabama. Nathaniel died 1915 in Alabama. Guilliam died unknown.
Cansada, born 1847 in Alabama, married 1st Matthew Coffin Pinkham, 2nd Daniel R. Craze. Cansada died 1897 in Alabama. Matthew died 1882 in Arkansas. Daniel died 1909 in Alabama.
Emily, born 1849 in Alabama, married 1st William Craze, 2nd James S. Lea. Emily died unknown. William died unknown. James died unknown.
Serene, born 1852 in Alabama, married Samuel L. Cook. Serene died unknown. Samuel died in unknown in Tenneesse.
Lucretia Creasy, born 1853 in Alabama, married Andrew J. Blackwell. Creasy died 1925 in Texas. Andrew died 1919 in Texas.
Benjamin F., born 1856 in Alabama, married Millie Lea. Benjamin died 1927 in Oklahoma. Millie died 1945 in Oklahoma.
Josephine, born 1858 in Alabama, married Frances M. Palmer. Josephine died 1896 in Alabama. Frances died 1938 in Georgia.
Nancy Lucinda, born 1862 in Alabama, married George W. Palmer. Nancy died 1935 in Alabama. George died 1937 in Alabama.