Head Springs Primitive Baptist Church

History of the Churches of Valley Head, AL and Surrounding Area

Head Springs Primitive Baptist Church of Christ

            This church was constituted on the Saturday before the third Sunday in September 1835.  The history of the church states that the original members came to north Alabama from Kentucky.

The first business session was held Saturday, September 19, 1835 and after examination by Elders Samuel McBee and George Walker, pronounced a Baptist Church of Christ with the following members:

Hiram Bennett, David Dobbs, William Hughes, Michael Gray, Isaac Wilbyne, John F. Wilbyne, William Krays, John W. Chadwick, John Barnes, Joseph Bookout, John Hicks, Thomas Chadwick, Dasha Bennett, Fanny Dobbs, Elizabeth Hughes, Polly Gray, Polly Rowen and Tabitha Krays.  On that first business day the Head Springs Congregation received Sarah Wilbyne for membership and appointed Brother Hiram Bennett church clerk at the “Head Springs Meeting House at Lookout Creek”.   After the church was constituted that third Saturday in September 1835, the doors of the church were opened and the following persons were received as members:

            “Isaac by letter a man of colour the property of Elizabeth Packs.”

            “Brother Jehu Barnes by letter and Sister Marian Thomas by letter.”

On the following Sunday, September 10, 1835 after evening service the following person was received into membership:

            “Sister Caty by letter a woman of colour the property of Elizabeth Packs.”

            On September 24, 1853, Elijah Bouldin donated one acre of land to include “a meeting house” to the Predestinarian Baptist Church of Christ at Lookout Valley.  This transaction was witnessed by William Graves and Enoch York, then filed with the Judge of Probate, R. Estes.

            The Predestinarian Baptist Church of Christ at Lookout Valley was a member of the Sequachee Valley Association of Baptist until 1954. 

Copied from the collection of V.B. Fillmore