Valley Head School

In the beginning school was held in private homes or the community churches. The first church in the town of Valley Head was the Mount Zion Baptist Church established 1845 set on a hill across from the present day City Park. School was a privilege, not everyone had an opportunity to acquire the skills of reading, writing or mathematics. Valley Head education has a long and enduring history. “… one of the earliest settled communities in DeKalb County.” Dating back to the 1830’s … “Education in the area got off to a good start when Sequoyah taught his alphabet to Cherokee … under a spreading oak tree in the heart of town.” Quote from Brownie A. Tuttle in History of DeKalb County Schools, A pictorial and Script History of Schools in DeKalb County, Alabama, Third Printing 1996, Sand Mountain Printing Company, Rainsville, Alabama.

The first public form of education was established between 1880 and 1900. About 1893 the first building dedicated to education was erected. The two story, wood frame school house, heated by wood burning stove, would burn down twice before a permanent brick structure was built down the hill.

Verenice Hawkins writes about Valley Head High School.

More school history. The front,north and south wings, and the auditorium of the present building was built in 1925. Only $600 of state money was allowed. The rest was provided by the community. The first class to graduate in 1926had 10 members. One saw my cousin Chester Cooper. His son graduated with me in 1950. He has since had grandchildren graduate. The oak trees were set out in 1930and were a project of the Valley head Women’s Club. The classrooms in the back were added in 1935. The Vocational Building was built in 1935 with a U. S. Government grant. When I started to school in 1938 there were no bathrooms. We had to go across the football field to toilets. The bathrooms were built the next year. The first lunchroom was started in 1043by the PTA when Mrs. Eloise Brown was president. The workers sometimes made lye soap to wash dishes. I was in the 6th grade.
The first gym was completed in 1954 after a few years of volunteer work and donations. My daddy and brother helped build it although they did not have kids in school at that time. The elementary building was built in 1962 with additions in mid 60s and again in 1987. The library was built in 1975. In 1991 a new football field was built on land that had been given to the school by our class of 1950. At that time it was a custom for the senior class to leave a gift to the school. They used money made by having a junior and senior play. We bought 2 acres of land that was just east of the old ball field and that was our gift. When you use Tiger Stadium remember the class of 1950. Many of our class are no longer living but out gift is still useful to the school.