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Wed, Mar 21, 2012

Greetings Kyle,

I have done some research on the Gatlin’s in this area. According to the DeKalb County, Alabama, Marriage Index 1836-1916, a Nancy Jane Gatlin married a William L. Whited on November 14, 1878. Is this the Nancy Jane you are looking for?

Alexander Blair Hannah was owner and operator of the famous (at that time) White Sulphur Springs Hotel. So it would not be unusual for him to have taken in people, especially for the labor. He had children, two drowned at a young age and the third died during the Civil War, with no heirs. I have attached an 1880 census that shows a family item 21/22, I believe to be the Hannah’s, with the William and Rebecca “Gatlin” from the 1870 census annotated as “neace” (niece) and nephew. This census is very hard to read. Dade Co GA and DeKalb Co AL share state and county lines, so often families where annotated twice or annotated in one place, when they actually lived in the other. Also, records for DeKalb Co Al where kept in Dade Co Ga until the early 1900’s, so for wills, marriage and death records it’s good to check both counties.

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Yes, she is the Nancy Jane Gatlin that I am looking for. 
I have researched or have at least attempted to find out more about the Gatlin’s and Nancy’s family but each time I come up empty. I have used many times before. That’s interesting that he owned a hotel. I read one article that Nancy was born in Sulphur Springs, AL and one census that states she was born in Georgia. I know where Sulphur Springs is (thanks to Google Earth) and it’s very close to the state line between Georgia and Alabama so at the moment I don’t know a lot about her or where she is from. Kyle

Greetings Kyle,

Here is some information that might help with your research:

I believe Nancy Jane Gatlin was the daughter of Robert Gatlin (abt 1824-?) and Hannah. This is based on the death of her brother Thomas Jefferson Gatlin:

Name: Thomas Jefferson Gatlin

Titles and Terms:

Death Date: 10 May 1921

Estimated Death Year:

Age at Death: 71 years 10 months 4 days

Death Place: Walker, Georgia, United States

Birth Date: 06 Jul 1849

Estimated Birth Year:

Birthplace: Georgia

Gender: Male

Marital Status:

Race or Color (Expanded): White

Race: White

Ethnicity: American

Spouse’s Name:

Spouse’s Titles & Terms:

Fathers Name: Robert Gatlin

Father’s Titles & Terms:

Mother’s Name: Hannah

Mother’s Titles & Terms:

Film Number: 2364998

Digital Folder Number: 4178061

Image Number: 00624

Reference Number: 13345

Collection: Georgia Deaths, 1914-1927

Her sister Rebecca married a Hawkins about 1884 in Dade Co GA. I am looking for Rebecca’s burial site, thinking that Nancy Gatlin Whited may be buried in the same area. Also, I found information on a Duard Nelson Whited:

Alabama Deaths, 1908-1974

death: 15 Nov 1955 Long Island,? Jackson,? Alabama

parents: William L. Whited,? Nancy Jane Gattlin

name: Duard Nelson Whited

death date: 15 Nov 1955

death place: Long Island, Jackson, Alabama

gender: Male

age at death: 65y

estimated birth date: 1890

father’s name: William L. Whited

mother’s name: Nancy Jane Gattlin

I believe this is where he is buried:


Contributed by Jane Nichols



RENNIE J. WHITED 2-27-1895 1-30-1956


HOWARD WHITED 4-27-1923 4-3-1952

? WHITED COULD READ DATES (HANDMADE STONE) (this could be William L. Whited)

RUBY J. WHITED 11-12-1920 3-9-1995

I believe Robert Gatlin, born abt 1824 in GA, is the same as the Robert Gatlin listed in the 1850 census of DeKalb Co AL in the household of Stephen Gatlin, born 1785 in NC. I have not found Stephen Gatlin or Robert Gatlin on the 1860 census. Stephen may have died before 1860. I am trying to track the Gatlin family in 1860 using Thomas Jefferson Gatlin as a point of reference. There is a “Whitehead” family living in Jackson Co 1900 census that fits the profile of William L. Whited’s family. Note: The area in Jackson Co AL called Carpenter (Caperton) is also know as Long Island.

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About the Duard Nelson Whited. Yes, his parents were William L. Whited and Nancy Jane Gatlin. He was my great grandfathers (Willie L. Whited Jr) brother. His wife was Renny J. Whited the one listed in the Caperton Chapel Church Cemetery that you mentioned. Also the Mamny Whited you mentioned was my grandmother’s sister who died very young. She was a 8 days old when she died. For the rest of the names you listed I am not sure who they were but I am sure they have a connection the Whited’s of my family. As for Nancy Gatlin, I was looking back over the 1870 census where she is with the Hanna Family and noticed on the census that the last 3 Gatlin children listed, Ruth, Bill, and Ichabod, that they are listed as being “Black”. The Ancestry Index below the census lists them as being “white” but I think the census is more correct. I am not sure a census taker could screw up on someone’s color. That’s interesting, that 3 are black unless the Gatlin’s were Indian and 3 of the children came out much darker than the other’s making them appear to be black. I do not know. Also, you mention that Thomas Jefferson Gatlin’s mother was Hannah. Is it possible that Hannah is her maiden name and not her first name? Then maybe she is related to the Hannah’s that her children stayed with. I know you spell it “Hanna” but I have seen it spelled as “Hannah” also.