Valley Head Presbyterian Church

The Valley Head Presbyterian Church was organized in the parlor of the William Overton Winston home in 1872. Today the home is know as Winston Place and the church as the Winston Memorial Presbyterian Church. By way of “Letters of Dismissal” from the Gadsden Presbyterian Church, the following became members of the newly organized Valley Head Presbyterian Church: John Sturat, Benjamin F. Paine, Maria L.B. Winston, James M. Hoge, Elizabeth Hoge, Mary Hoge and Auguste Hoge. On the following Sunday, John Stuart, James Hoge and Benjamin F. Paine were elected Elders. Rev. James Watson was pastor and preached the first sermon May 22, 1872. In the beginning services were held at Winston Place, and after a time the congregation shared a facility with the Valley Head Methodist Church. In about 1899 a white framed structure was completed. In 1903 a Miller organ was procured by Major F. Y. Anderson. By 1929 a brick building was built and dedicated as the “Winston Memorial Presbyterian Church.” The 100th anniversary of the church was celebrated and the old church bell in a new bell tower was dedicated on the third Sunday in May 1972, with the following families present: Alexander, Atkins, Barnard, Chadwick, Davenport, Hall, Holt, Larmore, Lowry, Moorman, Paine, Thompson, and Winston. Copied from loose papers at Valley Head Town Hall





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